Introduction Of The Automobile Industry

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NTF India is a manufacturer of engineering and composite plastic parts primarily for the automobile industry. It operates two plants in Manesar, Haryana and Neemrana, Rajasthan. Both the plants are certified to ISO9001:2008 and produce around 100 products which are used for interiors and exteriors of automobiles, commercial vehicles, locomotives and heavy industrial automobiles. For the automobiles and Commercial vehicles include automobile bumpers, mud flaps, side skirts, door trims. Locomotives and heavy industrial vehicles include the inner housing units, comprising of all the panels, dashboards, toilets.

NTF India is a B2B company and the main customers are Honda, Ford, Volkswagen

Order qualifiers for the company is its ability to offer the wide variety of products as per the requirements of the automobile industry.

Order winners for the company are:
Product Design.

Operational Processes in the organisation
In the manufacturing sector, the core or primary purpose of the organisation is to use its operational processes to execute business orders. At NTF India the main processes are Production Planning( Sourcing ),Manufacturing(injection moulding) and Finishing &Packaging .

Input output table:

The Purchasing or Sourcing Process is the process of meeting the material requirements of the organisation and is the responsibility of the procurement division.
The input is the activity of generation of information of material…
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