Introduction Of The Banking Industry Of Bangladesh Essay

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NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY School of Business and Economics Course Name: E-Business Course code: MIS205, Sec: 09 Project on Information System in Submitted To: Mustafa Nizamul Aziz (NiZ) Lecturer Department of Management School of Business & Economics (SBE) North South University Submitted By: Group #: Survivors Name ID Nipa Al Kapi 1410224630 Nihad Jahan 1410595030 Farzana Yasmin 1420580030 Arpita saha 1420115030 MD. Minhajul Islam 1320523030 ---------- Submission Date: 09 October, 2016 INTRODUCTION ROOT OF IFIC BANK: Bangladesh Bank fully guides the banking industry in our country. However, different types of banks have different guidelines, operational techniques and management strategies. The banking industry of Bangladesh is composed of different types of banks and IFIC is one of them. International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Limited is referred as IFIC Bank Limited incorporated in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The bank was formed in 1976 and transformed into a commercial bank in 1983. It’s a joint venture between Bangladesh Government and private sponsors. VISION: Provide financial service through innovation, sustainability and add value to the stakeholders FUTURE PURPOSE:  Offer superior service to their clients  Ensure peoples welfare and economic progress  Make a unique position and turn out the leader among banks  Focus on expansion and profitability due to competitive industry REQUIREMENT 1: ROLE OF INFORMATION

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