Introduction Of The Healthcare System

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Introduction to Healthcare Clinics, hospitals, and common health agencies can and will be very different from all other work environments. If you didn’t know the healthcare systems they are very complex and there are a lot of things you must know about all the different types of hospitals systems insurance patient care legal issues and healthcare providers. Some of them are specified as such public hospitals are these that are funded and owned by the state federal government and local obtains many from the government the private are owned by investors their overall goal is to make a profit. They offer rehabilitation plastic surgery cardiology etc. non- profit are often community hospitals their main goal is to help provide health for the community. Who Pays for Healthcare The first form of healthcare was formed in the 1850’s as a US insurance firm. One of the earliest forms was offered as a somewhat of a form of life insurance it was called accident insurance. Which normally paid out a pre-determined amount to the policy holder if an accident had occurred. In the United States this was the only sole type of insurance available at the time. The modern health insurance began in Texas in the late 1920’s. A man by the name of Justin Kimball created an insurance named Blue Cross Blue Shield. It allowed teachers in the state of Dallas to pay a total of fifty cents a month so they will not be charged later when they went to the hospital to have a baby. This is known as a
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