Introduction Of The Policy Report Essay

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Brief Introduction of the Policy Report
I am a translator who graduated from Capital TongWen Hall (京师同文馆)and who wrote this policy report to Qing Government in the year of 1905, when Yuan Shi Kai (袁世凯) and Zhang Zhi Dong (张之洞) reported to the government to eliminate the Civil Examination. The reason I am writing this policy report is because I see it is necessary to still keep the exam system, but we surely need to change the exam system if we do not eliminate it. The old goal of the Civil Examination is to pick elites from population to work as government official and have a powerful impact on China’s social mobility, and the new goal of it will be accommodating science without eliminating the Civil Service Examination. However, I am writing to advise and report to try our best to keep both goals in the exam system. I will talk about the details of why we should not eliminate the exam system, why we need to change the system and what we are going to change in the system and how we are going to implement these changes into the system and try to minimize the contradiction between the old literature elites and new scientific elites. Background
The function of Civil Service Examination is for recruitment and admission to the civil service, and for the Ancient Chinese government it mainly functioned as a tool to pick literature elites who are capable to work for the country. It broke the tradition of genealogical monopoly in using people in the government and it certainly

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