Introduction Of Traumatic Brain Injury

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I. The Brain
II. Introduction of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
a. TBI sustained in combat zones
i. Degrees of TBI ii. Causes of TBI while deployed
1. Concussion management iii. Why it is a problem
III. Who Should Be Screened And How
a. Suspected patients
b. Methods of screening
i. Rapid field screening ii. Further evaluation
IV. Interventions and Treatment
a. Deployed interventions
i. Medications
b. Nursing Interventions
i. Manage symptoms ii. Family education.

The human brain is a scientific marvel: billions of microscopic cells bind together just so, and form a structure that regulates and processes every aspect of life, from keeping blood at just the right pH, to processing the gentle caress of a loved one. Other body parts are expendable or replaceable: kidneys can be transplanted, livers can be transplanted, even penises can be transplanted. The human brain, however, cannot. It is so essential that if it goes even a few minutes without nutrients, death can result. A nourished brain, however, is able to control muscle movement, judgment, reasoning, memory, process visual information, and comprehend language. This is why damage to the brain can be devastating, no matter how small or insignificant the injury may seem. There is no surefire way to prevent damage to the brain from ever occurring, but it is possible to manage the symptoms that develop in the aftermath.
What Traumatic Brain Injury Is Giving traumatic brain injury (TBI) an exact definition is a
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