Introduction. Over The Last Two Decades, Growing Number

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Introduction Over the last two decades, growing number of countries permit nurses to prescribe medicines. The first nurse was given prescribing rights in New Zealand 16 years ago. New Zealand has achieved 0.35% of practising nurses authorised to prescribe. In New Zealand, one third of adult population diagnosed chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes and other related conditions and it is expected to grow in future (Ministry of Health (MOH), 2016). In the future aging population also expected to raise enormously, which create demand for health care professionals. Therefore, ministry of health established a strategy to address this issue by introducing nurse prescribers. Prescribing by nurses improve the access of health care,…show more content…
Background Until 1989, doctors, dentist and veterinarians share prescriptive rights in New Zealand. Then it extended to midwives. Later in 2001, nurses were also given the role of prescribers. As in other countries in New Zealand, medical professionals voiced concerns related patient safety based on nurses’ educational preparation for prescribing role. Following the several years of debate, the prescriber role is implemented (Hughes., & Lockyer, 2004). New Zealand nursing council sets education programme and set of competencies to ensure patient safety and effective prescribing (Nursing council of New Zealand(NCNZ), 2016a). In 2014 the restrictions on nurse practitioner prescribing rights were removed and they became authorised prescribers under the Medicines Act 1981. In 2014, the Nursing Council applied to the Ministry of Health for designated prescribing rights for registered nurses practising in primary health and specialty teams and in 2016, medicines regulations 2016 allowed some suitably qualified registered nurses to prescribe. Which means registered nurse authorised by council can prescribe for long term conditions and a range of common condition. Furthermore, the Council submitted a proposal to the Minister of Health for registered nurse prescribers practising in community health under the regulation.
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