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I proposed a 3D printing centric business, to be opened on Westheimer in Houston, Texas.
3D printing is a fulfilling hobby and or tool, but 3D printing is very difficult for the beginner. There are many retailers selling 3D printing devices, but they do not offer repair or training on those device, especially once outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. The only places to learn how to operate a 3D printer are online resources, a maker space, or classes at a university. There is no entity in Houston providing sell, repair, and training on 3D printers.
The 3D Print Shop would connect communities of professionals and non-professionals, while offering services to keep every individual on track to
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Types of 3D Printers
There are two main types of 3D printing technologies for the consumer fused deposition modeling (FDM) and stereolithography apparatus (SLA).
FDM printers use a plastic filament that is melted and then pressed through an extruder in a layer upon layer fashion until an object immerges. FDM printing is the more affordable of the two types as the overall cost associated with printer, filament, and printing accessories are cheaper. These prices can start as low as $199 for a printer, $14 for filament, and accessories vary depending on accessory. Of the two types FDM has the most variety and availability.
SLA printers use a vat of resin with a build plate inserted into it. A laser strikes the build plates to cure the resin. After a layer has be completed the build plate moves away from the laser and the laser cures another layer of resin. This process continues until a 3D object is created. This type of printer provides better prints and faster print times, but is far more expensive. Then entry level SLA printers start at $1099 and the resin comes in two pack ranging from $119-$512.
Given the two types of 3D printers the best printing type to center a business around would be the FDM style printer. These printers overall are simpler in construction, cheaper to build and maintain, and easy to teach to students. The affordability of the printer and materials would make

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