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Personal Stress is something that everyone experiences at some point time in their lives, and for the most part, most people experience high levels of stress. As we experience stress, there are some basics responses that apply to each person. “Each individual exhibits the same basic response to similarly perceived acute stress exposure, although the immediate and long-term consequences of the stress response vary greatly among individuals” (Quick et al., 2013, p. 43). This is a direct connect to our own personal cognitive appraisal, and according to Quick (2013), the process of cognitive appraisal that includes perception and interpretation (p. 44). Cognitive Appraisal, is defined as the process by which the physiological
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207). So, with that in mind, evaluating my emotions and attentional reactivity brought about some real self-inventory.
Throughout my child hood my family moved a lot, but it was the initial move when my parents divorced that I remember so well. This move while a good move for my mother, was for me a difficult time. It was difficult not because I was missing my father, it was difficult because of the bullying I experienced. Being the oldest of five children, life was not easy or us growing, so my stress started very young worrying about how our family was going to make it. Along with the added stress of being bullied and having to defend myself, I took on a bad attitude. There were times when I didn’t want to socialize even as a child, and when I did I always seemed to choose the wrong kids to play with. This affected my self-esteem a great deal, so my reactions to this stress started me off on a path of feeling threatened all the time. Later, in life, my stress and anger would escalate very fast. My mother tried many things to help turn me around, but it wasn’t until my first music and drama class that I started to make significant changes in my attitude.
Personality wise, of course my direct way of speaking to even adults was a little off, but

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