Introduction. Project Management Is The Discipline Of Initiating,

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Introduction Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work done by a team to complete specific goals and meet specific success criteria. By definition, a project is a temporary work service with a defined start and end which will produce a unique product or service to bring valuable changes. Most of the time, projects are provided with limited resources in the form of time and/or funding. The nature of projects is opposed to the operations of a business which are repetitive activities to produce products or services. They support the businesses growth and need different types of management. The main challenge when managing a project is to reach a satisfying level of completion…show more content…
For them, project management is a methodology they will use to deliver their projects. A basketball player who is highly competent and earning a living at what most do for a hobby will be entitled as a professional. However, meeting these criteria does not mean than basketball is a profession although such a player might call it his profession, his job. In my opinion this is a false logic, project management is not a profession but a process as it scored less than 34 out of a possible 100 points when assessed against 22 attributes defined by Zwerman and Thomas et al during a study funded in part by PMI and published in 2004. They reached the conclusion that project management is not a profession and will likely not be one in the foreseeable future. To become a profession, one must be able to define and control the body of knowledge. The body must be unique, esoteric, secret or complicated (Abbott, Friedson et al). Project management cannot qualify as a profession as there are very small differences between it and the management in general. The methodologies are not significantly apart for both disciplines. To add more on this part, project management as defined by the professional organizations is embedded in just about everything we do. For a mom or dad, each “project” could be getting a child through a developmental stage: toilet training, tying shoes… Which would mean that we are all project managers. Just as in the case of the
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