Introduction.Robert Is A Ninety-Year-Old Man, Who Has Been

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Introduction Robert is a ninety-year-old man, who has been experiencing progressive and worsening heart failure. He has a long cardiac history and has been under the care of a cardiologist for the past 30 years. His medical history includes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia and heart disease. Robert lives in a senior condominium community with his wife Janet. After obtaining informed consent, an in depth, oral interview was conducted with the following key features of Robert’s medical history as follows. The interview began with Robert detailing his history of heart disease and when he was first diagnosed. He stated he began having chest heaviness…show more content…
He said his daughter thought she had watched her father die right in front of her eyes. After receiving the ICD in 2015, he stated he had been fine until a recent routine check. It was noted on an echocardiogram the he has a 1-2+ mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation and enlargement of the aorta. He states he has an appointment with the valve specialist this week to discuss treatment options. He admits to having noted recently, increased shortness of breath with exertion. He stated he can walk the length of the hall about 100 feet and becomes short of breath. He also has developed a slight productive cough. Robert felt it important to share his social history. He grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota in a family of five children during the depression. They were poor and their diet consisted of red meat from their cows and lots of potatoes and gravy. His father died suddenly of a heart attack at age 54. His three brothers and 1 sister also died of heart disease. He was the youngest child and oldest survivor. Later in life he was a successful businessman and took clients out to dinner where prior to being diagnosed with heart disease, he ate steaks and potatoes and high fat foods. He feels strongly that there is a genetic component towards heart disease with his family history. Robert detailed his current treatment plan. He stated he is on medication for his blood pressure, cholesterol

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