Introduction. Sns Is A Marketing And Public Relations Company

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SNS is a Marketing and Public Relations Company committed to delivering industry savvy public relations services to clients globally. Our mission is to provide world leading strategies that will help create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and organizations vital to their growth and development. It is therefore essential that the company provides an atmosphere of leadership, expertise and services that enhance the quality and effectiveness of client’s communications projects and programs. As such, an integral part of SNS achieving their goals centers on the company recruiting and employing a highly qualified workforce. It is imperative that the company retains an engaged employee pool that will
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Failure to retain key employees is costly to a company’s bottom line and risks the loss of experienced individuals to competitors. Ramlall (2004) emphasizes that in a highly competitive labor market, there is extensive evidence that organizations regardless of size, technological advances, market focus and other factors still face retention challenges. Therefore understanding the implication of employee turnover is imperative to the organizations overall strategies.
Employee turnover creates a significant economic impact when critical employees, especially given the knowledge that is lost with the employee’s departure (Ramlall, 2004). It can further be concluded that employees who remain with the company for longer periods of time contributes to the overall goal of the company and becomes an integral part of the team.
Additionally, competition can reduce the bottom line, and jeopardize the level of financial performance. Moreover, retaining key employees can sometimes be intense. According to Mitchell, Holtom, & Lee (2001), employees who leave an organization takes with them knowledge and expertise gained through experience. It is therefore important to understand what motivates employees and structure a motivation program based on those needs.
Reward Administration
Employee engagement differs based on the degree to which an employee is involved
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