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Kenneth Boozer Introduction Speech Outline Introduction Speech Outline Katelyn Broekema CRN: 22208012 I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Salutations class, my name is Kenneth Boozer and I am very happy to be participating in COM 101 with you all! Let me get to know all of you by first introducing myself! B. Reason to Listen: We all have things that mean a lot to us, things that we hold dear to us, and I would like to show you things that mean a lot to me. C. Thesis Statement: Today I plan to describe how even the most simplest things, like these dog tags, mean so much. D. Preview of Main Points: 1. First, I will tell you why and where I earned these 2 dog tags. 2. Second,…show more content…
This is important to me because I had to wait for months to get it because I was too lazy to go and get it from the studio, so they send them to the school and I got it from the yearbook coordinator. 2. This dog tag is important to me because it is one of the several things that I have received showing that I am an alumni from my high school. 3. This dog tag shows that I went to and participated in the 7th brigade drill competition. This dog tag is important to me because I had some great fun while I was down there and it was a good experience. Transition: Now the importance of these dog tags. C. Now to you all, these might just be pieces of metal. But these are way more than that to me and I am glad to have these in my possession. 1. These dog tags symbolize several important moments in my life that I have went through some stuff to finish, but I am glad that I was given the opportunity to do these events. III. Conclusion A. Review of main points: 1. First, I discussed the first two dog tags from summer camp. 2. Second, I talked about the next two dog tags: the one from my yearbook and the one where I participated in the regional drill competition. 3. Finally, I elaborated on how they are more than just pieces of metal to me. B. Restate Thesis: These four dog tags mean so much to me. C. Closure: “When you have spent an important part of your
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