Introduction.Steve Jobs Was A Cofounder And Ceo For Apple

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Introduction Steve Jobs was a cofounder and CEO for Apple Inc. for many years before his passing in 2011. Steve Jobs was a leader in many ways, but in the world of technology he had a unique way of leading a team and company to greater things. Jobs had a way he structured the organization and his team to make for a better service or product that he felt was worthy enough for Apple to produce. Some may argue his way of leading was harsh and inhuman like, but it was his practices that drove Apple to be the best and hire the best (Haghpanah, n.d.). Organizational and Team Structure Steve Jobs was a guy with a plan and that was to make technology simply and what customers wanted, but to also profit from it. Jobs knew that the best…show more content…
“It takes a lot of hard work,” he said, “to make something simple, to truly comprehend the primary challenges and come up with graceful solutions.” Transactional leaders rely on authority to stimulate subordinates. Managers believe their job is to delegate responsibilities and oversee those that work for them. They also feel that employees should do as they are told. These leaders assume that most subordinates are only working out of self-interest and threatening penalty is the best way to motivate subordinates to work harder. Transactional leaders do not tolerate any challenges to authority nor do they allow subordinates to question their decisions. These types of managers set goals and then use their authority to punish any employee who fails to meet these goals. They believe that doing high-quality work at the pace dictated by the leader is part of the work contract and thus only praise truly exemplary work (Biscontini, 2016). This is what can be said about how Steve jobs structured his executive team. He had a pretty huge group in his team, but at some point, during the year, he only took his top 100 people on a retreat to brainstorm ideas. He would remind his team that focus was a major part of succeeding. He also reminded his team that “deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do” (Jobs, 2009). Job’s (in) famous ability to push

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