Introduction. Stress Affects Everyone Differently. For

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Introduction Stress affects everyone differently. For a teenager, unnecessary stress can affect them in so many ways. Stress affects their ability to form friendships, it affects how they think about themselves, it affects the learning process, let’s not forget the emotional stress that comes with all of these when one feels like they are less than what they really are. “Go with the flow” is a group that will help to deal with the stress many teenagers can relate to. The group will help to identify the way stress affects them, and learn to identify different coping skills. Purpose and goals of the group Today, there is a lot of stress and pressure put on students to succeed. They are pressured to succeed in high school, and continue…show more content…
To make everyone aware of the group flyers have been posted throughout the school, as well as mailed out to families that have juniors and seniors in high school. Group members can be refereed by parents, teachers or even themselves. Parents will be mailed out an invitation for their child to attend the group. They must fill it out with the student and return it to the school. If a teacher refers them, parents will be notified, and the invitation will need to be returned. Students can also self-refer based on their own self needs by filling out the invitation. The invitation must be signed by the parent and the student. The invitation will have the group rules/and the aspects of confidentiality covered, as well as the topics for discussion. Students will have an initial screening once they have turned in the invitation. Students will have a one on one session with the counselor. They will cover the ground rules, discuss what confidentiality means, as well as take the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). The PSS is a survey that will assess what their current stress level is at. The higher the number the more stress that the student is encountering (Roberti, Harrington & Storch, 2006). Length of group sessions, frequency of meetings, and duration of group Go with the flow will meet for twenty-five minutes. The meetings are set for such time as meetings will be held over the lunch hour. Students will have time to get
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