Introduction. Student Behavior And School Discipline Are

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Student behavior and school discipline are heavily discussed topics in modern society. With every new policy, there is a new behavior management plan that promises answers to the problems schools are seeing. What begs to be seen is if these behavior plans truly meet the needs of the most at-risk students, while working to create effective, long-lasting change within the school. Literature on school discipline and various behavior management plans are vastly available. Each article offers a differing perspective on how to improve the status of today’s school environment.
Understanding the importance of improving student behavior and overall school discipline is vital for educators and administrators alike. It has been reported
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Their behaviors make learning more difficult, but make the need for a behavior management plan and a proactive approach more essential (Oudens, 2002; Stoiber-Callahan & Gettinger,
2011). According to Green 2009) , the most at-risk students need a plan that moves “from control and punishment to prevention, and a focus on modeling appropriate behaviors” (p. 461).
Understanding the importance of student behavior on school and society as a whole, school leaders must work to implement the most effective school-wide behavior interventions available. Chapter two will look at Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and its overall effects on student behavior, especially students who are considered at-risk. School leaders must utilize the most effective practices available in order to reach at-risk students.
School Discipline
School discipline, for many years, has conveyed the message “that the student is in need of punishment rather than in need of help” (Moriarty, 2002, p. 19). Through the adaption of zero- tolerance policies many students end up suspended or expelled and there are no changes to overall school safety or long-lasting effect in the student’s behavior (Muscott et al., 2002).

PBIS for At-Risk Students
Education utilizes the approach that if a student acts out then they should be put out. As Muscott
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