Introduction. Success And Achievements Of A Firm Come From

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Introduction Success and achievements of a firm come from the top. In the article What Is Strategic Implementation? Strategic implementation is the process that puts plans and strategies into an action to reach a common goal and implementation makes the company’s plans happen. However, Walmart managed to implement their corporate strategy which would focus on financial planning, improve the effectiveness of strategic decision-making, allows organizations to complete a portfolio analysis, and analyze a long-term trend and set goals for the success of the firm. Recognizing a problem before it happens Walmart Chief Executives (CEOs) and other top managers has to draw a complete conclusion on how to keep their firm focus on structure and…show more content…
Bureaucracy: the organization is important to the economy and the government has socialistic tendencies the organization will be put on life support (Corporate Life and Death: The firm goes out of business and file bankruptcy. Walmart slogan “Save Money and Live Better,” not only is the firm looking to help the customers save money. Walmart is building a product life cycle database, which help the organization in, with branding and innovating new products, increase the product range and replace the product with environmentally friendly products (World Press, 2016). Walmart and their marketing team would extend the corporate life cycle by keeping a close watch on expiring product. When the life cycle of the product reaches the end of its cycle, Walmart then decides how they would strategically implement on how to discharge the product. Walmart would either re-pack the product, find a different price strategic “Everyday Low Price,” or expand that product to online as an exclusive to reach a wider group of consumers. Strategy Implementation Organization focuses on strategy, then implementing the solution. Strategy implementation involves designing an appropriate organization structure; ensure proper behavior of managers and employees including organization culture and implementation of functional strategies (Rao, 2009). Once Walmart selects the best strategy to increase the productivity and performance of the
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