Introduction. Tesla Motor’S Is An Astounding Car Company

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Introduction Tesla Motor’s is an astounding car company who manufactures premium-quality, high performance electric vehicle. Their early investor, current chairman and CEO: Elon Musk has done a remarkable job investing in this company. Tesla Motor’s vision and mission has allowed the transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to energy-efficient electric vehicles. They seek to design and sell the most efficient sports car in the 21st century. However, Tesla has come up with an amazing strategy plan that has allowed them to be successful by designing a detail manufacturing, marketing, product, and financial and designing strategy plan. Elon Musk was very adamant about protecting the environment and providing customers great service so he…show more content…
Also, Tesla users have control over the battery system by controlling the temperature of the system especially if the environment temperature is too low or too high. Thirdly, the infrastructure system has allowed Tesla Motors to expand the supercharger network. The supercharger stations allows Tesla to charge at a fast rate by delivering 120kW up to 80% in 40min. General/ Macro Environment Tesla Motor has a unique brand image and they are consistently improving profitability. However, Tesla can improve its long-term success by political, economic, social/sociocultural, technological, environment, and legal factors on a macro scale. • Political Factor: o Tesla Motor’s are able to increase their financial performance through the government. If they put trade agreements in their plan, they may have a chance to increase new opportunities so they can expand internationally. It has been a huge concern for Tesla to be political stable in the major market on a macro scale. These external factors should help Tesla grow their business and be successful. • Economic Factor: o Tesla Motor’s should be able to decrease the battery costs, energy costs and stability issues. If Tesla could decrease their energy costs it will help their product get more attention on the market. Numerous countries are threatening Tesla’s economic stability issues. These countries outside of the US are forced to raise their prices up. • Social/Sociocultural Factor: o Tesla has been

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