Introduction. The Bible Is One Of The Bestselling Books

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The Bible is one of the bestselling books in the world, for this reason it is incredibly important for Christians and non-Christians alike to examine the reliability of the text. Because the nature of this paper is rather short, the historical evidence outlined will be brief and not all-inclusive. This paper will examine the writings and thoughts of many great people including Joshua McDowell, J. Walter Wallace and William Craig. For the purpose of clarity when discussing the Bible or Scriptures this paper is referring to the Christian Bible which totals of 66 Books. Additionally, the goal of this paper is not to prove the Bible is the Word of God, a message from God, or inerrant, meaning without error, or even that it is a
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Old Testament scribes copied each manuscript meticulously, counting every letter and comparing it with the original (McDowell 1992, 50-51). If there was even a single error the copy was discarded and they began anew. Not only were these manuscripts incredibly accurate they also were numerous. The New Testament has over 24,000 manuscripts with the earliest copy dating about twenty-five years after the original (McDowell 1992, 52). In comparison, Homer’s Iliad, one of the most historically accepted manuscripts, has only 642 manuscripts with a 500-year gap between the original and the first surviving copy. Since Homer’s Iliad is considered reliable it seems the New Testament should also be considered a reliable copy of the original.
The reliability of the Bible as a historical document is the first form of evidence which points to the reliability of the Bible as a whole. The most trustworthy records of history are eyewitness accounts, writings of those who had a trustworthy source (such as an eyewitness), and archeological findings (Bowman 1965, 15). The Bible has all three of these evidences present. For instance, Exodus, Jeremiah, and Matthew are all examples of accounts written by firsthand eye witnesses. Luke and Acts were written by Luke who was a friend of many eyewitnesses. Furthermore, even eyewitnesses who were antagonistic towards Christians, such as Josephus, affirmed the truth
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