Introduction The Cultural Nurse Care: . Nursing Has A Powerful

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Introduction the cultural nurse care: Nursing has a powerful positive influence on patient lives, because of its intimate nature, as exemplified by the essence of nursing, nurses can make the most significant contribution to patient experiences, safety, and healing. The culture is clear as the dynamic and multidimensional context of many aspects of the life of an individual. It contains gender, faith, sexual orientation, profession, tastes, age, socioeconomic status, disability, ethnicity, and race. The cultural competency, or cultural awareness and sensitivity, is defined as the knowledge and interpersonal skills that consent providers to understand, appreciate, and work with individuals from cultures other than their own. It…show more content…
The nurse should explain in detail the patient’s condition and the treatment plan. Show respect and cooperate with traditional helpers and caregiver. In making a plan of care that is culturally responsive, many assessment tools are available. The tools which are an interviewing and facilitating communication with clients and their families and may be used on any site. There are many tools can use the nurse with a client like the LEARN model is quick assessment tools to better understand the client’s perspective. The LEARN models which are listening actively with empathy to the client’s perception of the problem, and explain what you think you heard for clarification. The next one it acknowledges the importance of what is said and what it means, and recommend inclusive strategies. The last one negotiates the plan of care by collaborating with the client and others. There are many examples of question can use to the patient like What do you call your problem?, What do you think caused your problem?, How do you cope with your condition?, What have you done to try to make it better?, What are the chief problems your illness has caused for you?, What do you fear most about your illness?. The nurse can by asking the patient and family obtain valuable information needed for a teaching plan. It is essential to remember that the patient’s personal elucidation of the illness experience is more
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