Introduction. The Effectiveness Of A Staff Team, In Sharing

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INTRODUCTION The effectiveness of a staff team, in sharing the Gospel and leading a congregation, is directly proportional to the communication that takes place within meeting rooms, in the sanctuary, the hallway, and with the community. Furthermore, the leader of a team is the linchpin for successful and thorough communication. As a catalyst for success, the organization 's leader must generate the environment for mission clarity. John Kramp, while likening a leader 's responsibility to communicate the goals and methods to operating a locomotive, states, "Visioning and personal planning create a picture of the destination and a general plan to get there. However, only communication moves that picture from the mind of the leader to the…show more content…
However, Lomenick shares his hope for an organization that desperately needs an overhaul when he quotes Jim Daly, "Changing the existing culture of an organization to something new is a difficult task. Doable, but difficult."

THE COMMUNICATING LEADER Although the entire staff team is responsible for communication, the senior leader holds the weight for developing an atmosphere that promotes healthy interaction and productive vulnerability. Lencioni writes, "the person in charge of an organization 's leadership team is crucial to the success of any effort to build a healthy organization." The springboard for communication that breeds effectiveness develops within the heart of the leader. Jesus taught his disciples concerning the source of verbal communication by painting a rather stark portrait of the importance of Godly character. Jesus states, "But what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart, and this defiles a person." (Matt. 15:18 CSB) Additionally, Jesus ' view of working with the disciples as a team can also classify as discipleship. As a leader in the area of communication, revealing one 's heart and helping others to grow is integral to the umbrella idea of team. Maxwell reveals the basis of being heard when he penned, "Personal integrity and conviction make communication credible." Likewise, Blanchard reminds his reader,
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