Introduction. The Film, Gallipoli, Directed By Peter Weir,

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Introduction The film, Gallipoli, directed by Peter Weir, depicts one of the most controversial aspects of Australian history. The film depicts heritage myths regarding Australian culture; and Australia’s size in the world at large. Weir’s Gallipoli is taken from an Australian perspective and presents a compressed narrative of the events that shaped Australian society during World War I. The 20th Century saw the emergence of cinematography as a primary medium. One aspect of cinematography that is popular with audiences is war movies; movies that depict key battles that helped to shape the countries involved . Gallipoli is not a war movie or even an anti-war movie; it serves instead as a celebration of Australia’s past . Through the…show more content…
The communication mishap required Frank to run from the trenches to the base camp on the beach. Frank had to beg the British commander to stop the raid; however even though the commander conceded to canceling the raid, Frank didn’t have enough time to get back to the trenches to relay the information to Major Barton. Frank arrived too late and Archy was killed in the raid. The victimology of Australia in regards to World War I, as well as the destruction and assimilation of the indigenous people into Britain society; showcases the negative relationship Britain has with Australia. This scene in particular paints an accurate picture of the relationship between the Australians and the British during, and after World War I. As stated before, Archy is depicted by Weir as the “old Australia” therefore that makes Frank the “new Australia”. The second character that Weir introduces is Frank (played by Mel Gibson). It is implied that Frank is Irish, with a long-standing distrust of the British due to the fact that the British killed his father in a battle in Dublin. Franks doesn’t want to join the war, simply because he doesn’t want to help the British. He is depicted as a city-slicker, that doesn’t possess the qualities needed in combat. In one scene, it shows that Frank doesn’t even know how to ride a horse; which was a critical aspect of the Western Australian Light

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