Introduction. The Following Report Is An Analysis Of Exercises

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Introduction The following report is an analysis of exercises that can be conducted on a Business Continuity Plan. It examines seven types of exercises classified under two different categories of emergency management exercises. The report also explains the pros and cons associated with each exercise and gives a brief description of how each exercise can be coordinated.
Emergency Management Exercises Emergency management exercises are performed to ensure that the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will be effective and successful when activated in the event of an emergency (Mechan, 2017). Exercises are divided into two main categories namely: discussion-based and operations based exercises (Mechan, 2017).
Discussion-based Exercises
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However, seminars are not without their downside. There is a potential risk that if an unqualified speaker coordinates the seminar, the team players especially those new on the BCP or business recovery team will me misinformed (Mechan, 2017). In most cases, the information delivered may not be relevant to all players due to varying roles. In addition, seminars are not designed to exercise the plan in real-time. Seminars also have the potential of become boring if they are held very often and with the same basic information (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.).
Unlike seminars where information is delivered to the players, workshops involve getting information from the exercise players. It is a brainstorming session that is intended to allow participants share ideas about a topic (Mechan, 2017). The group is broken into smaller groups to focus on the issue and eventually they reconvene to share the information from their respective groups. At the end of the workshop session, a summary report (brief meeting minute) is developed (Mechan, 2017). Workshops are advantageous in that they help with strengthening the relationships between the attendees (Community Tool Box, 2016). Attendees are able to share their ideas and are encouraged to actively participate (Community Tool Box, 2016). During this session, plans, procedures, and other materials could be created (Community Tool Box, 2016). There

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