Introduction. The Goals Of The Organization Cannot Be Fulfilled

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Introduction The goals of the organization cannot be fulfilled without the skills or talent of the employees and a direction to apply them. The employees will have goals, actions, and behaviors to bring the company closer to the organization’s vision. Moving forward requires direction so that new and current employees stay on track. Appraising an employee may affect their base pay, promotional status, and retention decisions. The employees who are found to have deficiencies may be identified and corrected when their appraisal is interpreted. This can also reinforce the employees existing strengths. A performance appraisal reviews an employee’s career plans and identify any training needed. Other components related to performance…show more content…
Those who may use the different methods to evaluate the employee’s performance include the immediate supervisor, peers, committees, anonymous subordinates, and a 360-degree feedback, which is all or some of the personnel listed and others outside the organization the employee has direct contact. The simplest method is the graphic rating scale. It lists several job dimensions or traits, competencies, or specific goals, and a range of performance values like below expectations, above average, and role model. The supervisor is the evaluator who then totals the rating for the overall evaluation. For companies who have a number of employees to rate may elect to use the alternation ranking method. During the process, the employees rated are in a list. The staff unknown is crossed out. The dimensions are listed and the best performing employee is mentioned at the top and worst at the bottom, then alternates to the last employee. Similar to the alternation method, is the paired comparison method. Listing all the traits and employees, the rater puts a plus or negative next to the employee who pairs with the trait. The employee with the most plus signs is the highest ranking. The force distribution method may work for some larger companies that can afford to terminate lower ranking employees while others would rather work to build those on the bottom percent up to a higher rate on the
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