Introduction. The Healthcare Improvement Of Aboriginal

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Introduction The healthcare improvement of aboriginal population in countries like Australia has been a challenging issue in front of both government and non-government healthcare organizations. Significant gap is present between the government legislations and policies regarding the health and social wellbeing between the native Australian and indigenous communities. It is a concern of human rights among the indigenous people of Australia and the matter has been a topic of debate in the committee meeting of United Nations (Bonvillain, 2016). Their access to healthcare is very low, lack of basics for daily living, lack of schools. The disadvantages and inequalities among the indigenous population has been demonstrated in Cassie’s case…show more content…
Their attachment for the land where their ancestors lived for several years with several good memories and stories attached, it becomes quite difficult for them to leave such place. The population moving to cities also faces difficulties in adjusting with the people with westernized thoughts and their undermining behavior towards social culture and life style of indigenous communities (Mistry, 2016). Issues of Generational Trauma Trauma has been understood to be involuntary response of the person due to a catastrophic incidence in their life that completely overwhelmed them and the individual gets unable to cope up with the situation. The trauma is generally passed to the next generation of the survivors who were the direct sufferer of the incidence. Passing trauma from one generation to another is called generational trauma. It is passed through violence, substance abuse, parenting, mental, behavioral health issues etc. The indigenous population of Australia has suffered exposure to such trauma as they have lost their land, they have been moved forcefully etc. The trauma also continues to pass on from generation to generation and the intensity of the trauma increases with the severity of issues. According to the reports, it is observed that the individuals experiencing a trauma are engaged in activities such as suicide, self-destruction, self-harm. The rate of poor mental health
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