Introduction. The Justice System Is A Set Of Institutions,

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Introduction The justice system is a set of institutions, agencies, and process that have been established by the government to control crime and impose penalties on persons violating the laws. Justice systems vary across the many jurisdictions in the world; this paper is a critical analysis and comparison of the judicial organization of America against another jurisdiction with an effective legal system. The parameters around which the comparison will be centered constitute factors like substantive and procedural law, judicial review, policing systems and international police corporation. Norway will be the jurisdiction in comparison, the purpose of the benchmarks provided in this comparison is to not to serve as policy but to…show more content…
The Procedural law will govern how a legal case will flow it adheres to due process, a right that was granted by the 14th Amendment. A murder charge on a person, the law must prove that they had men’s rea and Actus rea as to the arrest of the subject for trail is within the rights of the police. Due process delegates that anyone arrested and held for a crime must become aware of all the crimes against them within 72 hours of them being arrested. In the United States, a defense for criminal intent is the plea of insanity, where an offender can plead to having been insane when he perpetrated the offense, the application of insanity as a defense in the United States is synonymous and widely associated with United States v. Hinckley, (1982). The defendant had attempted to assassinate president Ronal Regan but failed in his attempts and wounded a couple of people. At trial, defendant produced evidence in that point to the fact he was not guilty due to insanity. The jury found him not guilty since he lacked the men 's rea necessary for committing the crime. It must be noted that in the U.S, jurors shy away from finding persons with mental deficiency not guilty, they are punished for their crimes and receive medical care while serving their sentences, however much they have been rehabilitated they will never get out of jail. The Norway’s insanity defense was first introduced in 1902, it requires no
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