Introduction. The Lungs Are One Of The Most Vital Organ

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Introduction The lungs are one of the most vital organ in the body. Without the lungs, the body will not be able to oxygenate the organs needed to sustain life. Oxygen is the primary driving force that living organisms need to oxidize food, produce adenosine triphosphate and metabolize energy. Despite the importance of this organ, millions of Americans acquire pneumonia which ultimately leads to injury and damage of this vital organ. Although, there are treatments for pneumonia, education is the most critical aspect we can teach our patients. Through education, we can enhance patient knowledge and promote self-care behaviors. According to Hinkle, “Influenza and pneumonia were the eighth leading cause of death in the United States in…show more content…
Just to name a few, here are the most influential pathogens for CAP: haemophilus influenza, mycoplasma pneumoniae and viral pneumoniae (adenovirus, varicella zoster). Lastly, VAP occurs in the hospital setting and typically involves patients who underwent endotracheal intubation or received mechanical ventilator support. Methicillin drug resistant bacteria is the main pathogen responsible for VAP. In order, to understand pneumonia, it is imperative to recognize the pathophysiology behind this disease. The development of pneumonia is influenced by internal and external factors. Intrinsic factors that increase your chances of developing a respiratory infection include loss of gag reflex, altered level of consciousness and strokes. Loss of gag reflex allows the pathological agents to enter the lungs freely with no resistance. On the other hand, extrinsic factors include pulmonary irritants, parenchymal injury and exposure of the pathogenic agents (fungi, bacteria, parasites, viral). Internal and external factors all enhance the possibility of respiratory infection, damage and failure. The manifestation of pneumonia is not the same for every patient. Early signs and symptoms for a viral infection include: coughing with yellowish green mucus, high fever, chills, sweating and blue lips. A late manifestation of viral pneumonia includes: muscle pain, shortness of breath and severe pounding headache.

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