Introduction. The Office Of Children And Youth, (Ocy) Was

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The Office of Children and Youth, (OCY) was created to address the social problem being the maltreatment of children in our society. A child who is maltreated means they fit the categories of be physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally abused, and or neglected. When a parent, family member, or anyone who is in a caregiver role maltreats a child, the agency steps in to intervene and advocate on the child. Erie OCY not only advocates for children, but offers resources, and a variety of approaches to help families improve their social functioning.
The child welfare agency mission and goal is to minimize child abuse and neglect. OCY not only address maltreatment, but also domestic violence, drug and alcohol, mental health,
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The mission of Erie County Office of Children and Youth’s mission is to, “Keeping children safe and respectfully engage families by using community-based services and support in order to assist families to successfully care for their children. Our focus is the safety, permanency and well-being of all children and youth” (Erie County Office of Children and Youth”. OCY’s two major departments intake and ongoing strive to meet the standards set by this mission. The intake department investigates any reported act of child abuse and neglect having to deal with families. They use resources to better equip caregivers to parent their children. The child welfare agency goal is to keep children safe, and not be at risk of maltreatment of any kind.
Target Population
Erie County Office of Children and Youth target population is the actual name of the agency is children and youth. OCY handles with children and youth from all ages. Children ranging from 0 years old infancy to when a child turns 12. Youth pertaining to adolescents from 13 to 18 years of age. There are services provided for youth who are 18 older who want to continue being in the system who have good behavior. Assisting the young adults with independent living services.
The agency is very dynamic and works with all times of clients. Caseworkers work with children and families of all different backgrounds and
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