Introduction. The Purpose Of This Article Is To Provide

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Introduction The purpose of this article is to provide a concise summary of what sexual harassment is, discussing who it affects, and its prevalence in organisations using evidence and examples. A range of views will be provided to describe how sexual harassment affects organizations and employees. This article will examine the primary alternative interventions aimed at resolving for sexual harassment in the workplace. The alternatives are all considered to be preventions, rather than reactions to promote a proactive approach that addresses the root causes of the problem, preventing its development. The evaluation of these three preventions will include the risks and problems associated with each intervention. Explanation Despite its…show more content…
Examples of this in recent history include a case involving Astra USA in 1996; where the company agreed to pay nearly $10 million after admitting some of its executives pressured women employees for sex, fondled them, and fired women who refused sex with supervisors (Wallis, 2000). This evidence proves the extensive impacts of sexual harassment on organizations across multiple domains, and demonstrates that it represents a genuine problem in the field or organisational behaviour (Backstrom, 2008). Alternatives Combating sexual harassment requires understanding of what it is, and then creating a safe working environment for all (Buchanan, 2014). As mentioned, the most effective tool against sexual harassment is prevention and awareness, which can easily be created by human resources department in any organization (Malhotra, 2016). A promising approach to the persistent problem of workplace sexual harassment is encouraging pro-social behaviours by bystanders (Charlesworth, 2016). The second preventative method to reduce workplace sexual harassment is education and training (Buchanan, 2014), which incorporates the shaping of a zero-tolerance organisational culture (Bell, 2002). Bystander intervention The bystander intervention approach on sexual harassment in a workplace focuses on how
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