Introduction. The Sustainability Checklist Was Created

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The Sustainability Checklist was created as a means to establish a concrete measuring stick for the 5 goals set out within The Path to 2040: Sustainability Strategy in relation to new development and zoning variations. Its purpose is to raise awareness of sustainability concepts throughout the community and assist developers in making greener choices that mesh with the values set forth by the City of Nelson and as a tool for planners reviewing applications to evaluate applications.
The checklist is included with development application packages in a number of areas including zoning variations, new development and subdivision permitting which are completed by developers and vetted by the city prior to approval for building.
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There are numerous 3rd party rating systems in place throughout BC and globally such as LEED, Built Green and Green Globes. These and many others can be linked for reference and awareness of options within the framework of the document to allow developers to seek out innovations they may not have otherwise considered. Sustainability is a hot new topic and great options are readily available if one knows where to look. Alternatively, a resource page for sustainable practices could be linked to the document. Additionally, during my research I surveyed several local developers who requested links to current incentives or programs available to them or their clients be embedded in the sustainability checklist and updated as new programs arise as they are not always aware of what is available to them to entice clients to “Go Green”. It would benefit developers, their clients, the city of Nelson and the world to make as much information available as possible during the pre-planning phase of development rather than as an after-thought, which is when this document is being considered by developers at present.
Recommendations for changes to accessing resources within the checklist:
• Create shortcut links to green building options and embed in the checklist attached to related questions for quick reference
• Provide educational seminars in conjunction with Columbia Basin
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