Introduction. The Use Of Solar Energy Has Increased Exponentially

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The use of solar energy has increased exponentially over recent years. New uses for solar energy is being discovered regularly, not necessarily on a large industrial scale but definitely in terms of domestic and general uses. For this reason, a mobile solar tracker has many applications in this era of electronics. The project in this report meets this niche by being very light and portable whist being fully operational. This project was conducted by a group working together to reach the end specification successfully.

Skills Learnt
This group project began very slow due to this being a new experience for everyone involved. This experience was an opportunity that gave exposure to new circumstances to help develop the skills
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From the beginning issues with non-productive group members was prominent, something that I did not anticipate but needed to deal with, and was dealt with in a professional manner. The way that this was dealt with was by keeping the uncooperative group members informed of updates while performing the tasks that they were allocated which enabled the project to stay on track.
A major skill improved during this experience was the ability to problem solve and work through a problem until it was resolved with a logical resolution. This helped with building confidence as an engineer the ability to work individually.

My role in the project
Initially, my role within the project was to research the fundamentals of a solar tracker. This research was to gain an understanding of the overall idea of a solar tracker, also consider design options along with cost to find an efficient concept. From this overall understanding of the project it was possible to foresee the purpose of my role.
My official role in the project was motor selection, motor IC (Integrated Circuit) selection, motor circuit design along with some mechanical construction aspects. Once roles were established further research into the specific areas began. The research and investigation of the motor choice played a part of extreme importance in terms of the
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