Introduction. The Website I Chose To Analyze Is The Smithsonian’S

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Introduction The website I chose to analyze is the Smithsonian’s History Explorer. I have always been interested in history and the lessons from the past that still affect us in the present (and will affect us in the future). After clicking through the website, I saw an array of interesting topics that can certainly help the educator and shape the classroom. I wanted to see if the website itself was user-friendly for I find that it’s easy to lose interest if the site you’re on has distracting pop-ups or have links that do not work. The field of education must also keep up with the advancements of technology, as it can be a great program that can make teaching effective and efficient. More importantly, I wanted to analyze how the resources…show more content…
On top of the Webinars, there are also links to the programs that bring Museum staff to communities nationwide, such as the “Smithsonian’s Let’s Do History Tour”, where the staff “visit school district nationwide to share effective, exciting teaching techniques and K-12 resources free of charge” (Smithsonian). If given the opportunity, a school district’s educators can interact and learn from the Museum staff directly with regards to the available resources from the Museum’s site. This can enhance the history educators’ expertise on the subjects they teach; they can see hands-on how they can use these very resources in their classroom and they can ask questions to the staff to ensure the effectiveness of the materials and frameworks they are presented. Another example of a resource found on this page, If You Walked in My Shoes teaching poster presents the students with the “who, what, where, when, why and how of object investigation” and the personal stories associated with the history of the pairs of shoes in the Museum’s collection (Smithsonian). More importantly, besides the helpful videos, images and programs, the site shows the many ways to stay in contact with the Museum. For example, educators from the National Museum of American History are active users of Edmodo (Smithsonian). This allows educators nationwide to have portable access to materials and ideas

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