Introduction The video game industry is a rapidly growing sector of the world’s creative

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The video game industry is a rapidly growing sector of the world’s creative industries. Economically, the total consumers spend in games industry is 20.77 billion US dollars in 2012, according to a report by the entertainment software association. Culturally, with the aid of internet distribution, video games are accessible to audiences of different cultural backgrounds and are becoming one of the major forms of entertainment. In this essay, the game developing industry will be analyzed using Richard Caves’ seven economic properties.
Infinite Variety
The video game industry demonstrates infinite variety. Each game belongs to a genre and consists of a theme. The genre is the form of presentation of the game content, for
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According to Adams (2003, p.113, 116), posts are categorized into two sectors, namely development and production. Crews belonging to the development side see the game as a creative work. These posts require certain skills or creativity, some examples are programmers responsible for coding, visual artists responsible for concept arts and image rendering, sounds specialists responsible for sound effects and musicians responsible for composition of music. Crews belonging to the production side see the game being developed as a product and their main objective is to achieve commercial success of the game. These posts exist in forms of manager and producer with tasks range from budget and human resources management to market investigation. In addition, there is also the design sector which governs the development of the game concepts, what will be presented and how they will be presented. The design sector will incline more to either the development side or the production side according to the strategies adopted by different companies.
A list/B list
The A list/B list is very significant in the video game industry. The rankings are often reflected and established by video-gamers, and are often established in terms of companies. Since video gamers are often frequent users of the internet, reviews and discussions of different games and their producing companies are easily made available publicly online. More importantly, game rating
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