Introduction. There Are Many Factors That Can Effect A

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Introduction There are many factors that can effect a child’s development. Some of these factors include: development of aggression, make-believe play, fine motor skills, emotional development, and if they have experienced any atypical influences. In a study conducted by Jacobsen, More, Ivarsson, Wentzel-larson, and Smith, they examine how being in foster care can affect children’s cognitive and social-emotional functioning. It also looks at how different aspects of a child’s placement may also correlate with their findings. This paper examines the early childhood development of Jodie Brown, the true story written by Cathy Glass in her book, Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Lost Little Girl. Jodie is an eight year old girl whose…show more content…
Jodie has been through five foster homes in four months due to her aggressive and violent outbursts. If Cathy does not agree to look after her, Jodie may be sent to a residential unit. Cathy agrees to look after the young girl, thinking that all she needs is some firm boundaries, love, and kindness. Little is Cathy aware of just how deep the scars of this seven year old girl run. Jodie does not have any sense of what proper behavior is. She has the cognitive development of a four-year-old and has little understanding of proper social interaction. She is not very friendly towards Glass’s other three children. She often yells at them, curses, and kicks them. She is also described to be cold, having a lack of empathy and seeming to not feel any real emotion. It is mentioned multiple times that she only mimics relatively normal emotions that she has witnessed. Jodie has severe learning difficulties. She does not know her ABCs, she cannot count much more than ten, and her language skills are subpar to say the least. It is also noted that she is very uncoordinated and can hardly hold a pencil. A later CAT scan shows she has severe brain damage, probably from being dropped or hit as an infant, which causes these delays in development. There is also the possibility of a lack of simulation when she was an infant. Therefore, her learning capacity will never reach the average level of most children her age. In
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