Introduction:. There Are Programs That Are Designed To

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INTRODUCTION: There are programs that are designed to prevent crime or reduce risk factors in the societal contexts where children are perceived as deviant. These programs are used as an effort to change or create a routine that puts into practice a crime prevention setting. These programs are initiated by the federal government and uses some tax payers money to support the groups. To prevent crime we must understand what it takes to deter crime in the real world, who is most at risk and if there are benefits to trying to intervene in the lives of young children in the first place. Many children who start engaging in criminal activity have issues with their family life or their communities. Children who are born with higher social…show more content…
The decisions of youth are altered by the environment they are grown into. These situations can be prevented if we stop the root of the crime, the youth at early part in their lives. Braga (2012) states that the broken windows theory may be relevant to understanding deterrence based programs and why they reduce crime. Broken windows theory argues “rigorous efforts by police to reduce social and physical disorder can reverse the breakdown of community social controls that accompanies untended and unrestrained violations of social order” (p.205). Therefore, crime is being reduced because the officers are taking part in the community making them feel safe and protected. This could be used to prevent youth at-risk who can engage in the community and understand the officers as to why they are making their area safe. Police interventions have become a positive and effective approach for general and specific deterrence (Braga and Weisburd, 2012). There has been a mechanism of discouragement when talking about the prevention of crime and benefits of interventions. If there is discouragement the number or opportunities for crime decreases. This form of deterrence shoes that when crimes are prevented the cost of committing the crimes outweighs the benefits. There are two main types of deterrence general and specific. General
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