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Introduction This essay critically considers the clinical applications of psychoanalysis in the examination and therapy of challenges relating to human behavior, in particular, ‘obsessional neurosis’. The essay explores the evidence for Freud’s use of psychoanalysis in the case of the ‘Rat Man’. This discussion then assesses the wider implications of the use of psychoanalysis in the treatment of ‘obsessional neurosis’. By focusing on making conscious the unconscious, we gain insight and release repressed emotions along with experiences. Hereby we employ psychoanalytic theories, elements and techniques established within psychoanalysis. The essay argues that the psychoanalytical method is effective in the treatment of obsessional…show more content…
Mostly because of his newfound theories around children’s psychosexual development. This combined with his focus on the unconscious, penis envy and the Oedipal complex made him and his newfound theories into a controversial topic amongst his peers. The Rat Man, as described by Freud in Notes upon a case of obsessional neurosis (1909). He was one of Freud’s patients. At the age of 30, Rat Man was obsessively afraid of rats. Freud traced this fear back to a repressed death wish, generated by an underlying oedipal conflict. The Rat Man’s analysis laid the foundation of Freud’s psychoanalytical obsessional neurosis theory. The identity of the rat man remains unclear; most believe it was Ernst Lancer. Every essay has an angle Be aware that every essay is guided by the perception of the person who wrote it. It is virtually impossible to be completely impartial and objective towards everything we analyze. Our life history continuously shapes us into thinking and acting the way we do; the place where you were born, the childhood we experienced. It all has an effect on our decision making process. Even our sex: male or female. Everything makes a difference in perception. Research obsessional neurosis / Freud / Rat Man ­ 80% ­ 2.520 / 3.150 "Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity.” (Sigmund Freud) Obsessional neurosis becomes a natural occurrence in psychoanalytic theory, where we develop natural urges that are prevented expression by the rules of
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