Introduction. This Is One Of The Many Problems California

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Introduction This is one of the many problems California has been facing even today. Drought has been a growing problem in California each year. How to tackle this problem is up to government and many scientists. There have been many case studies determining how and why drought has devastated the state of California. Water is a necessary and most important resource in California. Our water comes from groundwater, rivers, or lakes. Since California is facing a tremendous drought these resources are becoming destroyed. Now there is low measures of water in these lakes and rivers where we receive our water from. There are agencies that help deliver water to the major cities which all comes from those lakes and reservoirs. What happens when…show more content…
What is drought? What causes/affects drought? What things are essential to stop drought? What will it take to stop drought in California? Will there be money needed? Are there any programs started to reduce drought? Will the government be involved and what they will do? There will be laws/regulations needed to prevent drought. Also I believe we as people need to change our habits and not waste water.

Methods I will utilize this paper by using academic resources, governmental resources, and newspaper resources. I have gathered a lot of information in relation to drought like from the Drought Brochure. This brochure explains what a drought is, also talks about the history of droughts. Furthermore It explains how a draught is caused and the relationship between groundwater and drought. My academic sources and newspaper sources gave a good insight how the California drought was caused. There was a lot of information on climate change and temperatures. As I researched for drought causation mostly everything was on climate change. I managed to find a great article that talked about the causes of drought lead by climate change and global warming. I also took advantage of my library sources, I discussed drought with David Drexler who is in the water resource association he helped clarify where we get our water from, what type of drought is occurring in California, and what a drought is.

How are droughts caused? Droughts
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