Introduction. This Paper Describes The Headline Findings

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INTRODUCTION This paper describes the headline findings from Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) on the extent of, and trends in, domestic abuse among the black women in the United Kingdom aged 18 to 45, who are the resident in households of England and Wales. Domestic abuse includes a number of various forms of physical as well as non-physical abuse consisting of partner and family abuse, sexual assault and stalking. The abuse can be either of the victim-offender relationship or of the abuse in itself. In the year ending March 2011 CSEW, a split sample experiment was started to test a set of alternative questions on domestic abuse (Olesen, 2011). When comparing the two categories - one category reported physical domestic abuse in…show more content…
Though it is not the lowest figure recorded since 2004/05 baseline, the latest figure still represent a statistically significant change between the time period of 2004/05 and 2012/13 (McGarry, Simpson & Hinchliff‐Smith, 2011). METHODS Selection Criteria The eligibility factor for the inclusion in the studies were (1) Black women who were seeking or had undergone domestic abuse in the recent times; (2) were a randomized case-control study, control trial, cross-sectional analysis, experimental study, cohort study or secondary study with data of interest and (3) were peer reviewed. No restrictions were made on the setting, time or the language of the studies. Search Strategy The population of interest was Black married women in the UK seeking or having undergone a TOP in any places, the exposure was the absence or presence of IPV, the control group where a separate cohort of comparable individuals was reported (e.g., pregnant women who are not reporting IPV, pregnant women who are not seeking TOP or women who are attending a gynecology clinic), the statistic of interest was the relationship between TOP and IPV. The search strategy was formulated using a combination of free text terms with synonyms and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH terms). FINDINGS The Causes of Domestic Violence The reasons for the Black women suffer excessively from abuse are complex. Sexism and racism are the two major obstacles that Black women face
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