Introduction. This Paper Will Critically Review Inigo And

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Introduction This paper will critically review Inigo and Albareda’s (2016) arguments that sustainable innovation has multiple components, is best viewed through the complex adaptive systems lens and is implemented within organisations in either non-linear, self-organising or emergent mechanisms. Specifically this paper will review and critique the definition of sustainable innovation within the complex adaptive system framework. It will then consider the implications of the research on a medium sized human services organisation, specialising in disability support services, in south-east Queensland. Key Points of Review Article Inigo and Albareda (2016) argue the following: • Sustainable innovation has five components o Operational o…show more content…
Paina and Peters (2012) used the complex adaptive system framework to analyse innovation within health services; nothing that non-linearity, interactivity and unpredictability are all frameworks of complex adaptive systems. Their framework is based on five phenomena: path dependence, feedback, scale free networks, emergent behaviour and phase transitions; the authors argue that previous innovation frameworks based on complex adaptive systems have been overly simplistic in their development (Paina and Peters, 2012). Alternative Approaches to Sustainability Innovation Lankoski (2016) applied systems theory to sustainability and concurred with Inigo and Adelaba (2016) that organisations are complex environments that both influence and are influenced by the external environment, but argues that the components of sustainable innovation are: scope, suitability and goal orientation (Lankoski, 2016) as opposed to non-linear, self-organising and emergent (Iñigo and Albareda, 2016). The alternative approach components of scope, suitability and goal orientation provide for eight conceptualisations of sustainability innovation within organisations and enable management to lead a variety of sustainable innovation projects across environment, social and economic issues and allows for multiple conceptions to be

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