Introduction. This Paper Will Show My Ability To “Identify

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This paper will show my ability to “identify common communication barriers, describe effective communication strategies within organizational hierarchies, and discuss structured sources of conflict in organizations and methods to manage conflict (Franklin University, 2017).”
Methods of Communication The methods that my supervisor uses are email, and verbal and nonverbal communication. Communication "refers to the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people" (McShane, S.L, & Von Glinow, M. 2016). Majority of the time these forms of communication are effective, but sometimes they are not. In regards to verbal and nonverbal communications, our supervisor seems to be more concerned …show more content…

We have all called her out on this practice, and her response is always the same, that she doesn’t feel like getting into it or arguing with the person. However, if you can’t be open and honest with someone then that person will never know that there is an issue (McShane, S.L., & Von Glinow, M. 2016).
I feel that in order for my supervisor to more effective she needs a more direct and approach and follow through on written information (i.e,write ups). Gender differences in communication may play a role in how my supervisor communicates with us. As stated in “Organizational Behavior,” by Steven L. McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow, “Women make more use of indirect requests, (“Do you think you should”), apologize more often, and seek advice from others more quickly than do men.” In my opinion my supervisor needs be more direct and forceful and maybe the worker will began to take her seriously.
I think that my supervisor need embrace her legitimate power (agreement the certain people can request certain behaviors of others) and demand that her work adhere to her directives. She has to reinforce the fact that she has the right to tell us what tasks we are to do, so therefore, we need to adhere to her power. She should also practice assertiveness, also referred to as, “vocal authority.” She needs to remind her workers of their obligations and let them

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