Introduction. This Study Aimed To Focus On The Reasons

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Introduction This study aimed to focus on the reasons why registered nurses are leaving clinical practice and what experience those registered nurses have. Eight research studies have been used completed using registered nurses who have left clinical practice (Barker & Nussbaum, 2011; Chan, Tam, Lung, Wong, & Chau, 2013; Cimiotti, Aiken, Sloane, & Wu, 2012; Gellasch, 2015; Griffiths, Dall’Ora, Simon, Ball, Lindqvist, Rafferty, A.-M., … Aiken, 2014; Littlejohns, 2015; MacKusick, & Minick, 2010; Purdy, Spence, Finegan, Kerr, & Olivera, 2010). An extensive literature review of these eight studies showed that registered nurses leave clinical practice due to many complex reasons. Such as: increased shift length, job satisfaction (i.e.…show more content…
Registered nurses strive to achieve success through long work hours and sacrifices that create lifestyles filled with strain to the person physical and psychological states, according to Purdy, Spence, Finegan, Kerr, & Olivera (2010) study. Nurses are leaving clinical practice due to fatigue, increased shift length, and lack of job satisfaction (MacKusick, & Minick, 2010; Cimiotti, Aiken, Sloane, & Wu, 2012; Purdy, Spence, Finegan, Kerr, & Olivera, 2010). Job Satisfaction and Inadequate Staffing The work environment may exacerbate fatigue in nursing causing them to leave because they cannot provide good care to patients (Purdy, N., Spence, K., Finegan, J., Kerr, M., & Olivera, F., 2010). Gellasch conducted a study (2015) which concluded increased shift lengths put nurses at risk for exacerbating fatigue, causing them to make errors, and forcing them to leave the clinical care setting due to lack of support from colleagues and employers, and inadequate staffing. Chan, Tam, Lung, Wong, & Chau’s (2013) study showed that there is differences between the nurse’s ideal and the actual reality of nursing practice, leading to job dissatisfaction because nursing is stressful with the most common stressor being heavy patient workload. According
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