Introduction To Chemistry, A Natural Science, And Social Science

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The subjects for this study will be undergraduate students enrolled in either Introduction to Chemistry, a natural science, or General Psychology, a social science, at the University of Arkansas in Spring 2018. Students will enroll in courses based on their own academic preferences. These courses are both scheduled for 50-minute discussion sections that meet two days a week (TTh) from either 9:30 – 10:20 or 10:30 – 11: 20. All identifying features of the student (e.g. names or student ID number) will be replaced with random 7-digit ID numbers that the researchers will assign to each student on the first day of the course. The condition each identification number is in will not be revealed until the experiment has concluded and the data is…show more content…
Researchers will also be analyzing if the type of course, natural science or social science, will alter the note-taking technique that has the highest scores. Type of course will also be a between-subjects variable. Materials required will include in-class assignments related to the lecture materials. Each in-class assignment will consist of ten questions that are easy to answer if the student was attending to what the professor was saying. All students will require a laptop or paper notebook to take notes on. The classrooms necessary will be smaller rooms with a maximum of 40 seats per room. This small size is necessary so the research assistants can ensure each student is using the correct method. Additionally, one experimental condition will require the use of the app StayFocusd from Transfusion Media (2010) which allows its users to temporarily block access to user-specified apps for a designated amount of time. This experiment will require the use of four research assistants. Two of these assistants will be placed in the classroom to ensure students are using the appropriate method. The remaining two research assistants will be in the lab processing and configuring the data for the results of the experiment. Different researchers will be used to compute the data than those who are in the classrooms to eliminate any chance of experimenter bias. Lastly, the professors will be designing and distributing the in-class assignments. Procedure Students
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