Introduction To Energy Harvesing & Array Antenna

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO ENERGY HARVESING & ARRAY ANTENNA 1.1 RF Energy Harvesting The term energy harvesting [1] describes itself that to collect ambient energy available in any form like from water, sun, wind, ocean currents and so on. The sun is major source of energy that radiates energy in the form of heat and light to sustain life on earth. We harvest solar energy by using solar cells, wind energy by windmills, hydroelectric power by water. So the energy harvesting instruments are designed by understanding the type of energy whether it is solar, wind or any other form. For this purpose, we required to identify the area or location where this energy available in ample for instance sun shines vertically over the tropical region, thus this region can be best for establishment of solar cell power plant. So a design engineer should have knowledge of all the parameters to design the device with greater efficiency. Gathering ambient energy from radio frequency is called RF Energy harvesting [1-2]. This includes designing of antenna and some additional circuit that convert EMF radiation into DC voltage so that it can be used to drive low power devices. The concept of wireless power transmission is the basic principle behind RF Energy radiation in free space. The wireless transmission includes Bluetooth, GPS, Satellite communication, Wi-Fi, DTV. The wireless technology reduces cost of installation by eliminating wired transmission thus it is easy for us to carry wireless

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