Introduction To Health Assessment ' Module No Essay

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This concept is taken from “ Health assessment” module no.1:2 and entitled as “ Introduction to health assessments “ subtopic The Interview Introduction Collecting subjective data is an integral part of nursing health assessment. Obtaining a valid nursing health history requires professional, interpersonal, and interviewing skills. The nursing interview is a communication process that has two focuses: establishing rapport and a trusting relationship with the client to elicit accurate and meaningful information and gathering information on the client’s developmental, psychological, physiologic, sociocultural, and spiritual statuses to identify deviations that can be treated with nursing and collaborative interventions or strengths that can be enhanced through nurse– client collaboration. After introducing himself to the client, the nurse explains the purpose of the interview, discusses the types of questions that will be asked, explains the reason for taking notes, and assures the client that confidential information will remain confidential. The nurse also makes sure that the client is comfortable (physically and emotionally) and has privacy. It is also essential for the nurse to develop trust and rapport at this point in the interview. This can begin by conveying a sense of priority and interest in the client. Developing rapport depends heavily on verbal and nonverbal communication on the part of the nurse. 1.1 Personal Context: The manner to which the interview is

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