Introduction To Intercity Rent A Car

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EXECUTİVE SUMMARY This report, that assesses different operation categories of the company and mode of the company, was done for intercity rent a car. There are many operation categories which is Service Product design, Quality Management, Process and capacity management, location, layout design, human resources and job design, supply chain management, inventory management, scheduling and maintenance operation. For this report was selected Quality management, supply - chain management and location categories. Also this report contains approaches of these operation classes. It gives some answers for why quality is important and benefits of quality, which quality certificate the company has and what kind of reward they have got…show more content…
The company succeed the first to pioneer in Turkey such as the first company running fleet leasing and enabling cars for customers in every part of Turkey as a renting car firm (1993). In renting car sector Intercity rent a car was selected the first company as running international accounting standards In Turkey (IFRS). Foreign investors became a partner with the company ' success business model. ISO 9001 certificate which is given by British Standards Institute (BSI) was found suitable for a renting car company which was Intercity (2004) According to the researches of Super brand Intercity was the best company as most recommended and known. Intercity actualised another first which was the biggest Japanese investment for Intercity that is leader of the sector in Turkey. ANALYSIS QUALİTY MANAGEMENT -What is quality? Definition of the quality as a list • Satisfactoriness of customer: The latest decision maker is customer and they decide if a product or service is good or not. • Period: It provides continual progress. • It is investment. Running a job in long term impeccable is easier and cheaper than fixing the same job after a mistake. • Adapting a schedule. Finishing a work on time • Suitability of standards -What does quality bring for a company? • Client Satisfaction increase • Increasing market share • Increasing profit • Increasing
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