Introduction To Political Science. Unit 2 Assignment. Write

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Introduction to Political Science
Unit 2 Assignment

Write a one page document covering the following:
Define political culture.

“American political culture puts a special emphasis on hard work, and is rife with stories of successful businessmen and leaders. (, 2016)”

Political culture is the attitudes, convictions, and conclusions which give order and intending to a political process and which give the hidden presumptions and guidelines that represent conduct in the political framework. It envelops both the political goals and the working standards of a country. Some say it is the AMERICAN DREAM. The belief that every American has the opportunity to seek after a superior life, a decent house, an auto or two, and a more
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There are similar elements that we can characterize political culture by Liberty, Equality, Democracy, Individualism, The Rule of Law, Nationalism, and Capitalism.

Research political culture in the United States and share at least 2 items.

Liberty is what American political culture is based off of and the vast majority consider the right be free, as long as another 's rights aren 't mishandled. Basically, as long as you aren 't harming others you have the right to freedom. Liberty doesn 't involve complete freedom because there are rules and laws to help protect the rights and safety of others. We have a limited government meaning that our government 's power is restricted by the constitution. In order to protect our civil rights from the government, we also have the Bill of Rights. Equality is easily put as an opportunity for equality, not absolute equality. Although, it doesn 't promise equal outcomes. Liberty and Equality work together in our nation by giving everyone as close as can be to the same options. By balancing the two together we can get many different results. All citizens have the right to make their own personal choices and to have their own outcomes without having to be like others.

Does political culture affect politics? How? Or why not?

Yes, political culture does make an effect on politics. Political

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