Introduction To Research

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The researcher will attempt to reach as many subjects as possible from the administrative staff of a Midwest Government Facility through dissemination of an email containing a link to an anonymous survey designed in Qualtrics. The targeted audience are office workers spending sixty percent or greater of their day at the computer workstation. Potential participants will be located by communicating with administrative department managers, Appendix A. A link to the survey will be provided in the email for managers to disseminate among their employees. A consent form will be designed as the first question of the survey. Participants will not be exposed to more than minimal risk. There will be two weeks allotted for participants to respond to…show more content…
Also, a proper consent form will be developed with the IRB guidance. Survey There will be measurements identifying demographics, exposures, potential health effects, and potential confounders. See Appendix B for an example of survey questions. The researcher will develop the survey through Qualtrics to be anonymous. The first question will be the consent form developed with IRB approval. With an anonymous survey, responses cannot be used against any participant. Demographic questions will consist of gender, ethnicity, age, job category, hours worked per week, and history of MSDs. Exposure variables will include types of workstations used, frequency of use, and duration of daily computer use. Types of workstations include sitting only, sit-stand, and the ability to explain. Duration of daily computer use accounts for the total time spent performing work at the computer and will be captured with ranges of time. Frequency will determine the rate or occurrences of computer workstation use throughout the week. Health effects will capture the level of discomfort felt by participants throughout the body within the last 6 months. Discomfort levels will be indicated quantitatively with a scale ranging from none/minor to very sever. Discomfort levels will also be determined by
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