Introduction To Research

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Introduction to Research
Research is a high-hat word that scares a lot of people.
It is a welcoming attitude towards change.
The research state of mind can apply to anything. It is a problem-solving mind.
What is Research?
Research is defined as a careful, systematic study in a field of knowledge, undertaken to discover or establish facts or principles (Webster, 1984).
Research is defined as a systematic process of collecting and analyzing data to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem, to validate or test an existing theory.
The Value of Research
Research helps professionals by providing information to make decisions, or to perform their functions more effectively.
Teachers need to know what teaching method can be used
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Certain factors are “assumed” to explain or contribute to the existence of a problem or a certain condition or the variation in a given situation.
The researcher usually uses a theory or a hypothesis to account for or explain the forces that are “assumed to have caused” the problem.
For example, relationships between the following pairs of variables can be studied:
1. Gender Grades
2. Knowledge about cancer compliance with medical regimen
3. Educational attainment repayment status of cooperative members
Intervention or Experimental Research
The intervention or experimental type of research evaluates the effect or outcome of a particular intervention or treatment.
It studies the “cause and effect” relationship between certain factors on a certain phenomenon under controlled conditions.
The following examples of research topics fall under the explanatory or correlation category:
1. “The Effect of Different Levels of Applied Nitrogen on the growth and Yield of Rice”
Experimental vs. Non-experimental Research
Experimental research
Treatments are given to subjects
Cause-and-effect questions
Non-experimental research
Treatments are not given to subjects
Participants are observed as they naturally exist
Other Dichotomies of Research
There are other classification of research:
1. Pure or Applied
2. Exploratory or Explanatory
3. Quantitative or Qualitative
Pure Basic
Attempts to describe an existing situation and/or explain certain
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