Introduction To The Client Interview : Helen Stonewall

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Introduction of the client: As reported in the client Interview, Helen Stonewall is a married, 32-year-old African American female and mother to her 5 year old daughter, Sonya. Helen night started at a bar where she progressed from a feel drinks with a couple of gentlemen that appeared to be friends where she then continued to become louder and more rowdy until she had to be forced out of the bar. Later, Helen was found dancing half naked in the middle of a busy intersection at 2 A.M by the police. Police stated that she appeared to be on drugs and was half naked when she was found and had to be placed in handcuffs when she refused to get out of the road. Helen explained to the police that she was not on drugs but was, “Just high on life”. Lab test later reported no evidence of excessive alcohol or other drug use. Helen reported to have been “racing” before she went to the bar. Helen describes herself to be up and down, going from periods of high energy and little sleep to then crash and feel periods of sadness with lack of energy or enthusiasm.

2. DSM-5 Diagnosis: Helen is a non drug user that repetitively goes through several week periods of racing thoughts, abnormal energetic disposition, lack of normal eating or sleeping, talking quickly, and putting herself in potential dangerous situations. This period can be described as a Manic or Hypomanic episode. Later, she enters to what qualifies as a Major Depressive Episode. She describes it as a period that may last…
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