Introduction To The Topic . Employee Selection Is The “Process

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INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC Employee selection is the “process of collecting and evaluating information about an individual in order to extend an offer of employment.” Employee selection is part of the overall staffing process of the organization, which also includes human resource (HR) planning, recruitment, and retention activities. By doing human resource planning, the organization projects its likely demand for personnel with particular knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), and compares that to the anticipated availability of such personnel in the internal or external labor markets. During the recruitment phase of staffing, the organization attempts to establish contact with potential job applicants by job postings within the…show more content…
Selection ratio is the relationship between the number of people to be hired and the number of people available for hiring. Selection ratio affects the criteria set for basic requirements. If there is a shortage of applicants and if the jobs must be filled within a few weeks, the cutoff may be lowered and recruitment campaign needs to be expanded. Also higher wages need to be offered with more benefits and improved working conditions to attract and retain new employees. Selection Techniques Various techniques to identify the suitability of the applicants are: application blanks, interviews, letters of recommendation, assessment centers, and psychological, drug and physical strength tests based on the job 's requirement. Combinations of these methods are used in the hiring process. After the employees are appointed, their performance should be monitored to check the success of the selection process used. It is called predictive validity. For example, after 6 months of the appointment of a new employee, correlation between supervisor 's rating of the new employee 's performance and earlier selection rating should be calculated. If a good employee, who received high rating by supervisors, had scored high on selection rating and the poor employee, who received low rating by supervisors, scored just near the cut off score on selection rating, it means that the selection techniques were able to distinguish between
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