Introduction To Urbanization Of India With Specific Reference For Urban Infrastructure Provisioning

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Elective: Urban Community
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Examine urbanization in India with specific reference to urban infrastructure provisioning.

One third of India’s total population lives in town and city and it is expected to increase half by reaching 2025. It is also one of the greater facts that around 60 % of city urban population lives in slums and this also will definitely grow to a larger by 2025. There are reasons to it such as inadequate economic position; inadequate finance and lack of transparency in governance and service provisioning are identified as the root cause of slums-growth in urban areas of India. In most of the country urbanization is planned but in India urbanization is
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(Anderson, 19664). India’s urbanization is least in compared to other countries of the world urbanization took place very late, between 1951 to 2001, the level of urbanization increased by only 13%, however if we see the census of the country we can see the rise of population in every decade. More than 2 /3rd populations of India lives in urban agglomerations, agglomeration are those regions which has population greater than one million. Now the country is facing the rural urban migration in a large extent. Rural population are migrating to urban areas in search of jobs, majority among them were unskilled so they get into unorganized sector in the form of labour work force. The cities are developing in constructing new houses malls, buildings, MNCs Multiplexes, Metros, Roads etc but the workers involved in this gets very less in return, as they fall under lower level of income group and hence they are bound to live in slums of the city that is one of the reason slums are un expectangely getting higher in cities.
In most of the county’s cities are planned, Beijing, Hon Kong, Las angles, Paris etc. are one such examples. According to census urbanization is
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